Example of the detailing.

This is the exact piece we have all selected for your table. It provides the necessary foot room with a 72 ish diameter top, uniqueness in it's character, and I especially like the " wrap around " portion of the root. Quite extraordinary!

Based upon our phone conversation today, we are on a " go " and I will be commencing the rough shaping of this base within a few days. Then, it will go back into the kiln for final seasoning and deinfestation procedures..

Yes, please send me the photo's and samples mentioned on the phone.. I will make them a part of this page.. So that we might get a " feel " for things. Thank you.
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Due to the large diameter of this table top, we were able to use most of the root structure. Note the size of the root within the truck. The top was 8 foot in diameter.
Original sketched layout of the top with your chairs..

On a scale of 1 inch  = 1 foot, I first laid out the 8 23 inch wide by 17 inch deep chairs. That works out to them touching each other at about a 57 inch diameter circle.

A 72 inch table then, fall upon that same chair seat as shown.

And, finally, the back of the seats are about 8 1/2 feet across from ea. Other ( 102 inches ). I am guessing that the back of the chair backs are about 9 feet across.
Regina to Mike

Pictures of Miller d/r wood floor area where table will go is 13'10" wide x 13' long the stone area in front of the fireplace is 13'10" wide and 6'6" deep.

The pieces of masking tape are for the 11'6" round rug we are having made and the interior measurement of tape is for the 6'6" round table we discussed.

Comment, Mike

Regina, I have reviewed the photo's of the home, the sketch above, and your email indicating the wall changes..
I think you have it put together and a winner!.. and I also agree the 72 ish inch table will be just fine..

Update 12/17/09 - This IS the piece !!!

Tyler had mentioned Redwood slices. As a result of that conversation, I decided to find out if such things still exist and contacted a few of my logging friends.. Feedback brought to my attention, something even better... Red Wood Burl. The pieces below are from the same root of a huge Calif. Redwood tree. Probably 1,000 years old. Thanks Tyler for bringing this subject up. These pieces are splendidly, yummmy gorgeous. I can't WAIT to see them as a table top on the root you and Regina have selected.. It's a wower !  Certainly will produce an oooooohhh ahhhhhh affect.. I think this is going to be sooo pretty it could cause tears to come to your eyes..

The piece directly below measures 7 ft. Plus long by 60 in. W. . 
Further below see sketches of suggested matchings, 2 options.
Root Base Tree Table
w/ Burl Top for Tyler's Mountain Home
Serial Number - 12200901
One piece no seamed initial cut layout
Burl top - the slab.
Root base
Original proposal page 12/14/2009
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